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Jane Gabriels is a performing artist, poet, singer, and teaching artist based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and NYC.


Poem to accompany choreographer Ori Flomin’s “First Move”

Muscle Memory: Ori Flomin and dancers premiere new work at Gibney

Katherine Bergstrom

But the most existential expressions came from the poem, also entitled First Move, by Jane Gabriels that was included in Flomin’s program notes and inspired by the questionnaire responses. “Dance chooses me, chose me,” its narrator asserts. “Still. I doubt I am good enough. Still. I cannot NOT dance.” Though these words were likely contributed by a mature dancer, they could just have just as easily come from a high school student. Dance seems to have this effect on people, regardless of generation or location.




"First Move," a new work by Ori Flomin at Gibney Dance

Eva Yaa Asantewaa

"How the world falls away the minute I step onstage," begins a poignant poem in the program notes, its lines plucked from survey responses by Jane Gabriels.



From Left: Flomin, Button, and Gonyo. Photo by Alex Escalante.

First Moves *


How the world falls away the minute I step onstage.


You, there, in the dark, waiting.


Then the space between my sternum bone and wrist.

The space where I raise my arms.


I wait for the body to tell me.


Dance chooses me, chose me.


I doubt I am good enough.


I cannot NOT dance.


My genuine place of heart meeting meaning.


Time, running, out.


Tell me.

I am exploring, no expectations.

Tell me how.

I will always leave myself someplace to go.

With you.

Your attention to how I move.


I will go.

I already have some ideas I’m really excited about.

We are wolves, hot exhales pushing into an icy night.


-- Jane Gabriels

* incorporates and is inspired by some of the responses to surveys that Ori Flomin sent out to 40 dancers


Currently developing OLYMPIA BELLELLE.

A work that explores travels of family into a future sense of place.

A tribe that distances and reconnects; patterns of movement – mountains, rivers, lakes, the ocean echoing from before, fields, following paths; nomadic homes; difficult to control; secret multi-glish languages; replenishing resources; finding new patterns to express a past; crafted, mobile tents. A chair in a forest, singing songs to keep company, walking until it is time to stop.